November 21st

0% Tax in USA and Panama

Our address in Miami for air shipments has been declared free of Sales Tax in the USA (Sales Tax). This is a UNIQUE benefit and [...]
November 21st

Next AIRBOX Opening Costa del Este

Little by little we get closer to you, that is why we want to announce our next opening in Costa del Este in Panama City. [...]
November 21st

Win a Trip to Buenos Aires with AIRBOX Express

As is customary with AIRBOX Express, every year we reward the loyalty of our customers with a great raffle where we give away a trip for two [...]
November 21st

Corporate AIRBOX

With 25 years in the market, at AIRBOX Express we have always provided a quality service to our clients and their businesses, as leaders in the [...]
November 21st

Extended Hours Black Friday 2017

You asked for it and we grant it to you, that is why we will extend the hours of some of our branches on Saturdays, so that [...]
November 21st

Pre Alert

Make your shipments take less time, alert your packages! Did you know that by alerting your packages through our website, you can save time and make your [...]
October 16, 2017

Save Shopping on Amazon With AIRBOX

We have great news for you! As of October 5, all purchases you make from Amazon and send to our air address are [...]
October 14, 2017

AIRBOX Express Arrives in Penonomé

The AIRBOX Express family continues to grow in order to bring the best online shopping options to Panama and is pleased to open its branch [...]
June 13, 2017

Boxit AIRBOX Express Alliance

Are you tired of the traffic jam, the lines and the stress? Then the new 24-hour service of the Boxit AIRBOX Express Alliance is for you. With this [...]
March 20, 2017


Fishing Fishing is a sport that can be practiced by people of all ages, economic classes, and physical conditions. The causes for [...]

Punta Cana

Summer has arrived, and without a doubt what we all want is to enjoy it to the fullest and have a different plan to do and discover. Knowing this [...]


We all worry if we have a few extra pounds, since we are used to thinking that they are negative, but what if we tell you that having [...]

Tips for Internet Purchases

  Online shopping is a trend that has been growing over the years, since it is a much more global market. everything took more [...]
December 1, 2016


INTERNET PURCHASES Internet purchases are possible thanks to the fact that we live in a globalized world where it is increasingly easier to access new [...]
October 12, 2016


10 TIPS FOR BUYING SHOES ON THE INTERNET Nothing can replace the experience of buying in a physical store, specifically if we talk about shoes and especially if [...]
October 5, 2016

10 things you didn't know about Black Friday

10 things you did not know about Black Friday Black Friday or better known as Black Friday, is the day that millions of [...]
October 5, 2016


  Most consumers search online before going to a store to get a more detailed idea of ​​the product they will eventually buy. [...]
September 27, 2016

Prynt Case for iPhone

 Print instant photos Holding one of their printed photos in their hands is something special for a photographer, but in the digital world it happens that many [...]
September 16, 2016

For the restless by nature "The Restless Cube"

The modern lifestyle and day-to-day occupations have hit many of us, stress has taken the first place in the [...]
September 16, 2016

More wonders of technology – Amazon-

    This time one of the leaders in electronic commerce through its main communication tool with its users and cataloged as one of the [...]