September 16, 2016

What you didn't know about Apple TV

    Many of us are regular users of the Apple brand, others do not know all the variety of products that this brand offers, however [...]
September 3, 2016

How to take advantage of the best offers on the Internet?

When sales websites launch the best offers on the internet, you have to be prepared to take advantage of them. One of the most important steps that [...]
September 3, 2016

Shipping, the determining stage in Electronic Commerce

Choosing a shipping company that takes your purchases to the indicated destination is not an easy task. Surely, this is one of the biggest challenges of the [...]
September 3, 2016

Internet sales, the most attractive business of the moment

According to statistics, internet sales have grown in recent years, thanks to the trust placed by each of the [...]
September 3, 2016

Pages to buy online: how to receive your products safely

Currently, millions of people prefer to purchase all kinds of products and services through Internet shopping sites. this is a phenomenon [...]
September 3, 2016

What are the best pages to buy online?

Millions of people in the world search daily for the best pages to buy on the Internet, trying to obtain lower prices on the most popular products. [...]
August 17

Monitor your health while you exercise

Keep track of your performance while you exercise with Fitbit Back pain, Tiredness, and Shortness of breath can be some of the first symptoms [...]
July 28th, 2016

AIRBOX Express launches its affiliate program for online purchases

AIRBOX Express launches its loyalty program to reward affiliates who consistently bring their online purchases with the company, in any [...]
May 17, 2016


This year, in celebration of Father's Day, AIRBOX Express wants to honor and reward a super champion of the AIRBOX EXPRESS community. but we need your [...]
March 7, 2016

SUMMER IS… Enjoying Outdoors

Summer is the favorite time of many Panamanians... The rivers, beaches and mountains of Panama are the destination for those who love to enjoy [...]
December 24, 2015

We announce the winners of Christmas 2015

We share the winners for Christmas 2015. On Monday, December 28, we will contact the winners by phone. Congratulations and we wish everyone a merry Christmas [...]
December 12, 2015

The science behind happiness

They say that a person needs three things to be happy. It is believed that the keys to happiness are: having something to do, someone to [...]
December 9, 2015

The Thrill of Giving

Do you already have your complete wish list? What did you put on your list this year? An iPhone 6, a Playstation 5 or do you want [...]
November 18st

How and where to find the best Black Friday 2015 deals online?

Are you ready for the biggest shopping day of the year? The busiest day of the year for traders is right around the corner. [...]
November 17st

Black Friday has already started. Don't wait any longer and buy your Black Friday deals today!

Chaos, packed stores and madness is probably the best way to describe Black Friday. Waiting in line for hours hoping to find [...]
October 20, 2015


The Panamanian Food Safety Authority has announced the changes for the presentation of import procedures for personal consumption products. To [...]
August 10

The Grand Mall without Rows

  Making purchases over the Internet is a growing trend, more and more of us are benefiting from this excellent method of purchase in which we can currently [...]
July 24th, 2015

Terms and Conditions – Cancun

June 19, 2015

We are already 15 in all of Panama!

Congratulations AIRBOX Family, we are already 15! This afternoon the opening of our new branch was held inside the Rey Supermarket on Boulevard Santiago. We want to thank [...]
June 13, 2015

MIDA statement

NEW PROVISIONS FOR CARGO HANDLING UNDER THE QUARANTINE PROCESS. The Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama has added the books to the [...]