AIRBOX Credit Card*


The use of the Corporate Credit Card incurs a charge of $6.50 + ITBMS for purchases up to $500. For purchases over $500, an additional 2% of the purchase value will apply. A 50% discount is applicable exclusively to the Premium Plan and is applied to the $6.50 charge for card usage



Fila de Atención VIP- Clientes Premium en Sucursales


Servicio exclusivo Clientes con Plan AIRBOX PREMIUM en las Sucursales AIRBOX.


Atención Personalizada 
Home Delivery Services *


Free home delivery in Panama City, Panama West, and David Chiriqui is applicable to Premium accounts (Air Cargo) that maintain a credit card registered in the system for automatic charges. For Panama West and David Chiriqui, it applies to shipments of up to 40 lbs (actual weight or volume, whichever is greater). Beyond this weight or volume, an additional delivery charge will apply. For coverage areas, please contact our Customer Service Center at 269-9774 or 6982-1029.


Free Returns *


The returns service is exclusive to the United States; we do not process returns to China. This benefit is FREE for items weighing up to 5 pounds, and for weights exceeding this limit, a special shipping fee will be provided. Please note that we cannot accept returns for materials classified as HAZMAT or Dangerous.

*The Free Returns service for up to 5 pounds is available for Premium Rate customers. Customers with Economy Rate are subject to a special return fee of a minimum of $20.00. For further information, please consult our customer service.


Volumetric Weight *


Payment based on actual weight applies to packages with dimensions less than 50 inches. Packages from Economy and Premium services with measurements exceeding 50 inches on any side will be billed according to their volumetric weight.




The “Airbox plus” program will be effective starting January 1, 2022, and will remain in effect indefinitely, unless AIRBOX announces its conclusion to customers through various digital or written communication channels.Free pounds will be valid for one (1) calendar year and will remain in effect until December 31 of the current year; after this period, any unused free pounds will expire. Customers can start accumulating free pounds again from January 1 of the next calendar year. This promotion does not apply to corporate clients.


Rerouting (Transfer of cargo to any branch or home route FREE of charge)


Exclusive service for AIRBOX PREMIUM Plan customers at AIRBOX branches. The customer must request the transfer through our Customer Service Center, and it will be processed within 24 to 48 hours of the request.


Credit Purchase 60/40 Plan


Credit purchases under the 60/40 Plan are not applicable for orders exceeding $500 FOB. The benefit is valid for purchases made with the Airbox Express Corporate Credit Card. Merchandise delivery will not be executed until the total invoice amount, corresponding to the 40%, is settled. Shipments from the Economy and Premium services with measurements exceeding 50 inches on any side will be billed according to their volumetric weight.

The amount reflected in the quotation is an estimate based on the weight and dimensions provided by the customer/supplier. It may vary upon receiving the order. In the event of variations or receiving multiple shipments, the customer is required to cover the invoiced difference prior to the merchandise pickup.

Customers have a 30-calendar day window for the retrieval and settlement of the total invoiced packages resulting from their quotation. Once this period expires, a storage charge of $0.50 per day will be applied. After 60 calendar days, if the customer has not picked up the package or made any contact with the company, the package will become the property of AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de R.L.


0% Tax in Florida, USA *

The sales tax exemption in the United States applies to purchases made at participating stores that ship to our address at 7801 NW 37th ST, Doral FL 33195-6503. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that the store grants the exemption at the time of purchase. AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de R.L. is not responsible for the application of this exemption by the store. For more details, please contact us at 269-9774.

0% Taxes on goods with a value less than $100 CIF in Panama.

Tax exemption in Panama applies to packages brought via air transportation with a value less than $100 CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight). This is in accordance with Law No. 53 of December 13, 2007, of the Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) between Panama and the United States.


Locker 24/7. (BoxIt)


Applies when keeping a registered Credit Card in the system for automatic charges.


24/7 Locker (Boxit)


Applies when keeping a registered Credit Card in the system for automatic charges.


Referral Program *


The credit applies if the referral brings their 1st package within the first 30 days of their affiliation. Economy plan will receive $5 per referral, and the Premium plan will receive $15 per referral. The credit will be processed within the next 30 calendar days after the arrival of the package and must be claimed at the counter upon retrieval.


Insured Merchandise


For goods up to $100 FOB, a fee of $1.05 applies. Goods with a higher value will incur a charge of $2.00 for the first $100 FOB and $1.50 for each subsequent $100 FOB. If damages to your merchandise result from handling and transportation from the United States to Panama, Airbox Express validates your claim through our insurance company. With Airbox Express, all your packages are insured. Damages or factory defects should be addressed with the supplier.


Free Mail


3 pounds of free mail per month. You must bring at least 3 invoiced packages at the Premium Rate in the month.


Free Disposal of Promotional Mail


Customers must request their credit through our Customer Service Center to have it applied to their account.