Premium - Airbox


PoundTotal Freight
1$ 4.95
2$ 8.95
3$ 11.56
4$ 14.17
5$ 16.78

For merchandise greater than 5 Pounds we recommend using our Online calculator.

Additional charges
Insurance*$ 1.05
Document management**$ 1.95

* Merchandise up to $100 FOB. Merchandise with a greater value will be applied $2.00 of the first $100 FOB and 1.5% for each subsequent $100 FOB.
**Charge per event. Charge applies for packages with a value of up to $99.99 CIF.

*Freight rate does not include charges for local handling, customs taxes and others. The collection of packages for the Premium plan is available at all AIRBOX branches. All rates are subject to change without notice. Restrictions apply for free Premium plan deliveries. Payment of actual weight, applies to packages with measures less than 50 inches. Additional restrictions and charges apply to all plans. For more details visit us at www.airbox,