1. How to shop on Amazon

  1. Go to www.amazon.com
  2. Browse the site to find desired product
  3. Add the products that to the -Shopping Cart
  4. Start the checkout process
  5. Log in to your Amazon account/Create a new account
  6. Enter personal Miami address (with PTY number)
  7. Choose a shipping method
  8. Enter payment information
  9. Review and, complete the order
  10. Review the status of the order
  11. Pre-Alert package on the Airbox Express website.


2. How to buy on Ebay

  1. Go to www.ebay.com
  2. Browse the site to find desired product
  3. When a desired product is found, press, “Buy Now”
  4. Start the check-out process
  5. Log into eBay account or, create a new account
  6. Review order
  7. Enter individualized Miami address (with PTY number)
  8. Enter payment information
  9. Confirm purchase
  10. Enter account information for payment via PayPal
  11. Review shipping/PayPal information
  12. Review the status of the order
  13. Pre-alert package on the Airbox Express website


3. How to Join Airbox Express

Follow the steps of our Affiliation Agreement

  1. Select type of account, (personal/corporate)
  2. Enter the following information : Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email
  3. Select “Next”
  4. Enter personal information, such as: phone number, personal ID number (cédula), birthday, gender, address, preferred language, desired rate (basic/platinum) or, promotional code (if applicable)
  5. Select  “Next”
  6. Please specify whether you prefer automatic charges to your credit cardif you prefer to pay at any of our locations
  7. Please specify whether:
    • Packages should be delivered to a local address
    • Packages will be picked-up at one of our locations
    • Packages should be sent to the Interior via carrier


4. How to earn credit for referring a friend

  1. Refer a friend to Airbox Express by him/her fill-out the Affiliate agreement.
  2. When filling out the agreement, your friend must write your PTY number in the field “Were you referred by a client of Airbox Express?”
  3. If your friend receives a package within 30 days after registering, you earn $10 in credit with Airbox Express