Recommendations for the importation of your medicines and topical products.

Here are some recommendations we give you so that you can receive your topical medications and articles on time:

  • Any medication, or product that has a medicinal component, must carry a prescription.
  • You should always attach your ID or passport. Immigration Cards are not accepted.
  • You should always submit an attached prescription if it was not sent directly from a US pharmacy.
  • You should always submit an invoice for any topical product - creams for skin, cosmetics, shampoo or conditioners, aromatic oils, perfumes, repellents, eye drops or any product that comes in contact with the skin.
  • The process lasts 12 to 15 business days, once the process is started before Pharmacies and Drugs.


Any recipe to meet the following general requirements:

  • Name of public health institution or prescribing physician
  • Patient's full name, age and date of prescription
  • Generic and commercial product name
  • Concentration or potency, pharmaceutical form, route of administration, amount of product dose, treatment days. Amount and prescribed doses should coincide with the days of treatment.
  • Full name, professional registration number, specialty and phone number of prescribing physician.
  • Instructions for use
  • Signature by hand and with ink of the prescribing physician.


For chronic conditions, the doctor will use the long-term prescription, which is valid for three prescriptions of the same drug, corresponding to 3 months of treatment. Recipes for long-term use should include the words "Long-serving recipe"

We hope that these recommendations are useful and that way your merchandise can be processed expeditiously.

Important notes:
  • The authorization process for the importation of products classified as drugs or drugs is not a process requested by Airbox Express, but by the National Department of Pharmacies and Drugs of the Ministry of Health. The cost to perform this procedure with Airbox Express is $ 8.
  • If you want to be informed of products controlled by the Department of Pharmacies and Drugs, visit their website by CLICK HERE
  • If you wish to download the resolution issued by the Department of Pharmacies and Drugs CLICK HERE (spanish).


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