How should I use my address for purchasing through the internet?

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By maintaining your own physical address in the United States, you, will be permitted to receive your documents and packages quickly and securely.

To guarantee the receipt, make sure you include your PTY number in the address, as follows:


Address for Packages and Couriers (Air)

Packages weighing less than 40 pounds or less than 50 inches on all sides.

Address for Heavy and Volume Merchandise (Maritime)

Packages weighing more than 40 pounds or measuring more than 50 inches on either side.

Address for Mail and Magazines (Mail)


1. Q: How do I determine the freight for my merchandise?

R: A: The freight charge corresponds to the transportation service from the United States to Panama. Airbox Express does not charge on volumetric size on packages which are less than 50” (inches), on each side.

To determine the freight charge for your merchandise, you should take the largest value of real weight and volumetric weight, then apply the freight charge:

  • Real Weight: Corresponds to physical weight (pounds or kilos), of the package.
  • Volumetric Weight: Internationally in the world of transportation, it is the manner in which we express the space which occupies a box with relation to its real weight.

Volumetric Weight = (Height x Length x Width) / 166.

For example: 52 x 14 x 10 = 7,280 ÷ 166= 43.8 lbs. volume

2. Q: What are Customs Import Duties?

A: Customs or import duties are obligatory fees applied to all goods that are legally introduced to the national territory and are collected by the public administration of the country.

Packages with value of up to $100 CIF (cost + insurance + freight), are free of customs duties based on Panamanian Law “Ley N° 53 de 13 de Diciembre de 2007” which is approved by the U.S. – Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA).

3. Q: Where can I get a get a quote for my purchases on-line?

A: Quote your Products by accessing the link below.


4. Q: Why should I insure my merchandise?

A: With Airbox Express your online purchases are insured. The purpose for insuring your merchandise is to guarantee any risks produced by accidental situations during its handling and transportation from the United States to Panama. It is based on transferring the risks to an insurance company which will cover all or part severance for damages based on a case study.

5. Q: What is special processing and what products apply?

A: In order for some merchandise to enter the national territory, it may require a special permit which may safeguard the health and security of the consumer. These procedures are required by the following authorities:

  • AUPSA – Autoridad Panameña de Seguridad de Alimentos; (Panamanian Authority for Safe Food):

Edibles (food and beverages); supplements (dietary, nutritional, vitamins and minerals), etc.

  • MINSA – Farmacias y Droga, Laboratorio de Aduanas y de necesitarlo Sello del Gorgas y Bomberos; (Ministry of Health – Drugs & Pharmaceuticasl, Customs Laboratory Seal of Approval by Gorgas/Firefighters if necessary):

All products which are for bodily contact such as: medication, cosmetics, body lotions and cream, perfume, reactive ingredients, and etc.

  • ANAM y Cuarentena Agropecuaria (Agriculture & Livestock Quarantine of Panama):

Merchandise made of wood or that which include wood or its derivatives; seeds or live plants: Importation of such items is prohibited without appropriate processing or previous permission. This process is made directly by the client and if no documentation is provided, it runs the risk of being confiscated or incinerated immediately by the Agriculture & Livestock Quarantine of Panama.

  • Bomberos, Laboratorio de Aduanas y Salud Ambiental: (Firefighters, Environmental Health & Customs Laboratory):

Paint / Aerosols

  • Trámite de valoración:

Bond paper and derivatives, paper towels, paper napkins, and etc.

Processing Costs: $5,

AUPSA (notifications or descriptions): $5, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals:  $15, Customs Laboratory: $15, Gorgas Seal: $20, Firefighters: $15, Environmental Health: : $20,
ANAM: $45 minimum, Agriculture & Livestock: $40, Value: $20 minimum



1. Q: What benefits do I have by purchasing over the Internet?

A: The benefits depend on your needs, some are listed below:

  • Access to dozens of stores, products and sales.
  • Avoid traffic jams and long lines by shopping in the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Availability of merchandise that is not available in the local market.
  • Save on your purchases. It allows you to compare prices in local establishments versus international providers.
  • Access the latest in technologies.

2. Q: How can I compare by Internet if I do not have a credit card or PayPal?

A: At Airbox Express, we offer you our Internet Shopping Service with our corporative credit card.  Get free advice and assistance by our Advisors and Assistants to make your purchases.

Visit one of our Branch Offices or get a quote:


3. Q: What providers are the most recommended for internet shopping?

R: Dar click al botton donde aparecen proveedores sugeridos.


4. Q: How do you avoid becoming a victim of internet shopping fraud?

A: To avoid becoming a victim of internet shopping fraud, consider the following:

  • Ensure the reliability of the web page, references and security terms.
  • Do your shopping with reliable and recognized providers.
  • Follow-up on the status of your purchases.


1. Q: What is my account and what benefits do I obtain by accessing it online?

A: It is a personalized Customer Service tool.  Access it through our website:  ww.airbox.com.pa, in the “Access your Account” option, and you may view a variety of options such as: consultation, modifications to your account and making payments online, 24 hours.

From your account you may:

  • Alert your purchases.
  • View the status of your packages whether they are shipped Air or Maritime.
  • Consult your account balance.
  • Make payments online or actívate your credit card to make automatic payments.
  • View or print your current or historical account balance status.
  • Add or delete authorized users from your account.
  • Modify general information.

Ingrese a su cuenta ahora:


2. Q: What is Package Alert and how does it work?

A: The Package Alert is an option which allows you to facilitate the shipping process  from the United States to Panama; along with all customs processing as it reaches its destination.  It facilitates the recognition of your merchandise in case it arrives to our warehouse without an account number or PTY# and avoiding additional charges by *recognizing packages; storage in Miami and delay of dispatching of your purchases.

*Recognition Charges of Packages is $3.90 per package.


3. Q: How can I follow-up or know where my package is?

A: After your internet purchase has been completed, your provider will send you a shipping confirmation of the merchandise, along with a tracking number, and you can find this check this information by reviewing the status of your order from your provider`s webpage.  The tracking number is a code that in some cases is alphabetized for universal use and allows for follow-up of your package and delivery confirmation at our warehouse in Miami.  Our main internal transporters are:  FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, Laser Ship, among others.

With the tracking number you may go directly to the internal transporter`s web page through our website: www.airbox.com.pa, in the “Track my Package” option to confirm the delivery to our Miami warehouse.

If your merchandise has proof of delivery and has not yet been received, please contact our Customer Service Department at 269-9774, online chat, or visit a Branch Office nearest you.



1. Q: Where is my package if USPS claims it has been delivered in Miami and I have yet to receive it?

A:  The USPS (United States Postal Service) is not a door-to-door service.  The webpage update only determines delivery of merchandise or mail to an established zip code.   The person in-charge of our warehouse in Miami receives all packages delivered to that zip code and it may take up to two (2) days for the transfer process to take place.  Finally, the consolidation and registry is prepared for shipment to Panama.

Once USPS has updated proof of delivery in Miami the merchandise and mail is available within 24 to 48 hours to be picked-up and transferred to our warehouse in Miami.

2. Q: What happens if I purchase an article and it arrives damaged to Panama?

A: If the damages of your merchandise are due to handling and transportation from the United States to Panama, Airbox Express will validate and prepare the claim covered by our insurance company.  Airbox Express insures all are packages.

Damages or defects which are factory related should be handled by the provider.

3. Q: What happens if I order an article and the provider sends something different?

A: You should make your claim to the provider. Usually the provider requests a return of erroneous merchandise and will ship the replacement, and will only recognize the cost of shipping within the United States. You will need to assume the shipping cost from Panama to the United States. Airbox Express offers International Courier Service with 100% competitive prices.

Consult our International Courier shipping fees/costs with our Customer Service Department at 269-9774, online chat or visit the Branch Office nearest you.



  • Packages with a CIF value (cost + insurance + freight) are free of Import Duties, based on Panamanian Law “Ley N° 53 de 13 de Diciembre de 2007”, which is approved by the U.S. – Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA).
  • Airbox Express does not charge for volume in packages that are inferior to 50” (inches) on each side.
  • Remember to place your PTY number on all your purchases. Avoid additional charges for recognition of packages or storage.
  • Pre-Alert your purchases and speed-up shipping and customs processing of your from the United States to Panama, as the final destination.
  • Your packages are received in Miami on Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Miami time.
  • • Avoid dispatching risks by ensuring your purchases on Amazon or EBay. Review and follow-up so that your merchandise is actually sold by the actual vender or provider.



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