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For this Agreement, the company is understood to be: AIRBOX EXPRESS, SA The services offered by AIRBOX Express, SA are reserved and aimed at people with the legal capacity to contract and who are over 18 years of age.

Client: The one who details his name, generals.

Among the subscribers to know: AIRBOX EXPRESS, S. de RL., a company organized under the laws of the Republic of Panama, and on the other hand the client, who together with AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL The Parties shall be called, enter into this Affiliation Agreement, in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

Transportation: Notification of the Warsaw Convention of 1929: If he air, sea or land transport of your merchandise or document includes a destination or final stop in a country other than the country of departure, some rules of the Convention will be applicable and AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL can use the notification of "The Warsaw Convention of 1929" that contains the rules relating to international air transport. Where you agree that for your merchandise or document to be implied the standard terms of AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL that limit the responsibility for damages, losses or delays. Otherwise, our delay will be limited to the sole and exclusive reimbursement of transportation expenses (not additional declared expenses, customs duties or taxes advanced by us in your favor) and our responsibility for damage or loss up to an amount not greater than US $100.00. or US $9.07 per pound, whichever is in accordance with the provisions of the Warsaw Convention of 1929.

Ground Transportation Notice: Goods or documents transported wholly or partially or exclusively by road - whether by means of an explicit agreement or not - in, to or from a country that is a party to the convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by land (the " CMR”) are subject to the terms and conditions of the CMR, regardless of any other provision of this agreement to the contrary, except that the higher limitations of liability established in these conditions will remain in force in contrast to those established in the bill of lading ( CMR).

Additional declared value for transport: We do not provide cargo liability or comprehensive insurance, but the customer may pay an additional price for an additional declared value for transportation. Please call us or consult our current rate sheets. Our maximum liability will be the lesser of the declared value for transportation to your actual damages.

Declared Value Limit: We only allow a limited declared value for merchandise or documents, in particular those merchandise of extraordinary value including, but not limited to jewelry, works of art, antiques, precious metals, silverware and fur coats, the value for transport is limited and will depend on the content and destination of the merchandise or any other restricted by IATA.

Responsibilities not assumed: In no event will we be liable for any damages, whether direct, incidental, special or consequential, in excess of the declared value for carriage (including, but not limited to, loss of income or profits), whether or not we were aware of the possibility of incurring such damages unless they were caused by our willful misconduct or proven gross negligence. We will not be responsible for loss, damage or delay caused by events beyond our control, including, but not limited to acts of God, acts of God, aviation hazards, weather conditions, mechanical delays, acts of public enemies, wars, strikes, commotions acts of terrorism or acts or omissions of authorities (including all officials of state regulatory entities) with real or apparent authority.

Claims: All packages must be reviewed before signing the acknowledgment of receipt of it. In order to process a claim for merchandise that presents obvious transport damage, lost merchandise, or proven missing merchandise, the customer who owns the account must sign a claim letter, deliver the merchandise immediately, if the delivery was made at a branch, and provide the bill for this. If the delivery was made at home, the customer has up to 48 hours to notify the claim. AIRBOX EXPRESS de RL can take 7-21 business days to respond to the claim depending on its type. Claims after the designated time to receive it are not allowed.

AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL is a merchandise transport facilitator, as such it will not be responsible for damage or malfunction due to factory defects of the merchandise. The customer must contact their provider directly to file claims of this nature.

The Client must notify or alert in advance and in advance, the arrival of fragile packages for their due inspection in Miami. We are not responsible for damage to boxes that are fragile items and that are not specifically detailed that it is fragile in the same box or that the tracking number has not been pre-alerted or notified in advance.

For claims of operation or non-obvious, the client must contact his supplier so that he can indicate how to proceed.

AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de R.L. otorga un seguro a toda la mercancía que cubre el trayecto desde su llegada a la bodega de Miami hasta la entrega del cliente en Panamá. El costo de este es de $1.05 en mercancía declarada con valor hasta $99.99, $2.00 en mercancía desde $100.00 hasta $199.99 y $1.50 por cada $100 en adelante, en el caso del Plan premium, para el plan Economy el costo es de $1.00 en mercancía declarada con valor hasta $99.99, $2.00 en mercancía desde $100.00 hasta $199.99 y $1.50 por cada $100 en adelante, y en cargas marítimas $0.99 en mercancía hasta $99.99 y1.1% en mercancía mayor a $100.00.

All packages withdrawn from our branches must be reviewed at the time and the “Reviewed Merchandise” seal must be placed on the invoice. No claims will be accepted without the “Revised Merchandise” stamp on the invoice.

Abandoned Packages: All merchandise and/or correspondence that has not been claimed by the client after being contacted by the AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL staff via email or telephone call will be considered in this category.

AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL reserves the right to discard packages and mail that have not been removed from its facilities in a period of two (2) months. In the case of packages that remain in the airport warehouse, due to lack of information by the client, documentation, procedure or any other inconsistency, they will be considered after two (2) months of their entry into Panama, as abandoned merchandise. and may be delivered to the National Customs Authority or be left to the consideration of AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL and all those packages held by the National Customs Authority, which have been retained due to lack of documentation, procedure or any other inconsistency will be decreed abandoned after twenty (20) business days have elapsed, in accordance with the REGULATION OF THE CENTRAL AMERICAN UNIFORM CUSTOMS CODE (RECAUCA), Article 283 and 604. In the case of packages that remain in the warehouses of Miami, due to lack of information by part of the client, documentation, procedure or any other inconsistency will be considered after three (3) months have elapsed from its entry into the Miam warehouse i, as abandoned merchandise. After this period, claims for abandoned packages are not accepted.

AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL reserves the right to credit the transportation charges and taxes, or value of the merchandise, applied to merchandise declared abandoned by the client or the competent authority.

Right to inspect: The Customer hereby authorizes us so that, at our option or at the request of government authorities, the merchandise or document may be opened and inspected by us or by such authorities at any time that in our opinion or that of the authorities may be considered dangerous. or suspects. This review can be before and/or after shipment.

With this, AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL will carry out all the operational activities of the business in a safe and responsible manner, thus avoiding illicit activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering, bribery and corruption practices, intellectual property, biosecurity, terrorism, and others.

We exclude AIRBOX Express S. de RL from all liability for shipments of such items accepted in error. You can visit our website for more details.  www.airbox.com.pa

Further information: https://airbox.com.pa/tramites_especiales/

– Restricted Articles are those that by legal mandate require the authorization of one or more competent entities to be subject to a certain customs regime. Items that contain alcohol in their composition, such as cosmetic products or flammable chemicals; or that are under air pressure such as airbags, shock absorbers, aerosols, among others. These will be classified as Hazardous Material. The Client must ensure that the merchandise complies with the mandatory rules in accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Panama or International Convention, regarding the transport of Merchandise of a dangerous nature and inform AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL in writing of the exact nature of the danger before it takes over the goods of a dangerous nature (The UN Model Rules use a classification system in which each dangerous substance or article is assigned to a class. There are 9 classes: Explosives, gases, liquids flammable, flammable solids, oxidizing substances, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive material, corrosives and other dangerous substances and articles such as spontaneous combustion materials and dangerous in contact with water, various dangerous goods that enter including some for domestic use such as chlorine, alcohols, nail polish, perfumes, aerosols, paints, etc.), indicating if necessary of the precautions to be taken. It is understood that, if AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL is unaware of the dangerous nature of the merchandise, it may be unloaded or destroyed as the circumstances require, without compensation to the final consignee of the merchandise, being the responsibility of AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL to notify the Client, who is responsible for all losses. The dangerous cargo must be correctly labeled by the supplier for its processing in an expeditious manner and acceptance of the additional charges by the client that apply.

If the cargo arrives without labeling or we are not notified that there is dangerous content and in TSA inspection we are fined or sanctioned, the client will assume all the responsibility, expenses and sanctions imposed.

All dangerous cargo must be notified by the client to inform the Miami warehouse and thus avoid risky situations.

We exclude AIRBOX Express S. de RL from all liability for shipments of such items accepted in error. You can visit our website for more details.    https://airbox.com.pa/

Further information: https://AIRBOX.com.pa/tramites_especiales/

– Articles that require special procedures: Such as for consumption (animal or human) and/or contact with the skin, as well as according to their composition (wood or organic materials).

Further information: https://AIRBOX.com.pa/tramites_especiales/

Customs clearance: When delivering your merchandise or documents, by this means the Client appoints AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL as its exclusive agent to carry out customs clearance and certifies us with the recipient for the deposits to designate an agent for customs to carry out customs clearance. (unless the client specifies a customs agent contrary to this guide/contract) In some cases, local authorities may require additional documentation confirming our appointment. It is the Client's responsibility to provide the correct documentation, this includes the invoice of their shipments and payment confirmation when required by Customs, for the Export and Import Service. AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL may carry out any of the following activities on behalf of the recipient in order to provide its services: (1) Pay any customs duty or tax required by virtue of the applicable legislation and regulations. (2) Act as agent for or on behalf of the consignee to carry out customs formalities. (3) Endorse shipping documentation. Customer warrants and is responsible for its compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including but not limited to customs laws. The import and export laws and government regulations of any country, to, from, through or over which your shipment may be transported. Customer agrees to supply this information, and to complete and attach to this guide/contract such documents as may be necessary to satisfy such laws, rules and regulations. AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL assumes no liability to the Client or any other person for any loss or expense due to the inability to comply with this provision.

In all applicable cases, the taxes corresponding to the value of the invoice that the client provides us and/or the invoice that the supplier sends with the merchandise will be settled. The payment of customs duties and taxes will not be refunded under any circumstances. Under no circumstances will applicable customs duties and taxes be avoided or avoided. In turn, the Client is responsible for the information provided to us in terms of content and description of the cargo, such as declared and invoiced value for purposes of paying taxes or any other procedure that the National Customs Authority of Panama indicates.

The Client has five (5) business days for the packages to be picked up from the airport without storage charges. If you do not provide the documentation required for the removal of the packages, you will have additional charges for storage at a rate of $ 0.05 per Lb. or a minimum of $1.50 per day.

For maritime cargo, you will only have the days that the fiscal enclosure provides and that will have been notified, after this period you will have to assume the storage charges provided by the fiscal enclosure.

Responsibility for payment: Even if the Customer gives different payment instructions, the Customer will always be responsible for all charges, including transportation charges and other charges related to the handling of your parcel (repackaging, parcel recognition, etc.), customs evaluations and tariffs, including the fees related to our advance payment thereof, governmental penalties and fines, taxes, our attorney fees and legal costs related to the merchandise or documents. The Client will also be responsible for any cost that may be incurred in returning his merchandise or document, or storing it pending the final decision.

At the time of picking up your package at a branch or agency, or receiving it from the home delivery agent (AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL), you are obliged to pick up and pay for all the packages that are invoiced and available in your account. . In no circumstance will the Client be able to withdraw his merchandise without first having paid any sum owed at the time of his withdrawal.

In case of withdrawing or receiving a package without paying, AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL has the obligation to report said behavior to the Panamanian Credit Association ("APC"). By signing this document, the Client gives his express consent for AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL to make the corresponding notifications in accordance with the legal parameters.

Rates: The Client accepts and undertakes to pay the total of the charges generated by the handling and importation of their packages in a single exhibition before its delivery, subject to those accounts that have a valid credit.

Freight rates are based on whole pounds, so fractional charges will not apply. Freight costs are listed on the airbox.com.pa website and are in accordance with the selected plan according to the current rate at the time of registration. Having as reference for the freight of the first 5 pounds the following information:

Pounds Super Economic
Sea Freight
Premium Premium Interior Economy Economy


1 $ 1.75 $ 4.95 $ 5.69 $ 2.50 $ 3.00
2 $ 3.50 $ 8.95 $ 10.35 $ 5.00 $ 6.00
3 $ 5.25 $11.56 $ 13.34 $ 7.50 $ 9.00
4 $ 7.00 $14.17 $ 16.33 $ 10.00 $ 12.00
5 $ 8.75 $16.78 $ 19.32 $ 12.50 $ 15.00


AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de R.L. cuenta con una calculadora en línea que permite tener el estimado de los cargos de transporte y cargos adicionales que generará su paquete. Los cálculos efectuados son estimados que se calculan con los datos proporcionados por el Cliente. El Cliente entiende que existen productos que por sus materiales o embalaje su peso final al arribo puede variar. El cobro se efectuará con el peso real del paquete al momento de su arribo. Las tarifas por costo de importación de los productos se cobrarán al Cliente en relación con el peso real o volumétrico de los productos. Para el Plan Premium, Donde posteriormente se determinara cual es el mayor entre el peso real y el peso volumen para proceder con la facturación del rubro flete. En el caso del Plan Economy, sin importar las dimensiones del producto, se determinará el peso volumen y el rubro flete será facturado sobre el mayor de estos.

AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL reserves the right to offer promotional rates among its clients according to the terms and conditions it considers, for the duration established in the terms and conditions of said promotions.

APC Review: The Client hereby expressly authorizes AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL, to verify, update, register and request their credit references in APC from the moment of signing this contract.

In addition, the Client authorizes AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL, to collect, store, record, organize, elaborate, select, extract, confront, interconnect, associate, dissociate, communicate, assign, exchange, transfer, transmit or cancel both my references such as those of the company I represent through the Panamanian Credit Association / APC BURO, SA or any other entity that it deems appropriate for the credit process, as well as consulting with my full consent the identity verification system (SVI ) of the Electoral Tribunal for the purpose of validating my identification data.

If you do not pay or withdraw invoiced packages within the current month, your account will enter a Suspended status. Thus preventing the delivery of packages until the total balance of the account has been paid.

In turn, if the packages are not picked up within ten (10) calendar days of receipt at the branch, a surcharge of $0.05 per pound per day will be charged, charging a minimum of $1.50 in all cases.

If you have an account with an established credit limit (after having formally requested it through the credit application), the Client is obliged to pay the entire account each month end. If the credit limit is exceeded, the entire delinquent balance must be paid, regardless of the day of the month. If the account balance is not paid on the established dates (even if the credit limit granted has not been exceeded), your account will enter a Suspended status, thus preventing the delivery and/or withdrawal of packages and mail available at the branch or warehouse.

Any account with a delinquency of more than thirty (30) calendar days will incur a monthly charge of 2% on the balance owed and the account will go into HOLD status, that is, it will be held in our warehouse until the payment of the amount owed.

Surcharge for payment by credit card: If the payment of the package is made with a credit card, the item of customs taxes greater than $500.00 will entail a surcharge of 3% on the amount invoiced. Not so the transport services of merchandise and other items.

Surcharge for purchases made with the credit card of AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL

Any online purchase with a value of $0.01 up to $500 will pay $6.50 + ITBMS ($6.96) per form.

Any online purchase with a value of $500.01 or more, handling is considered by calculating 2% of the value of the purchase cost per store.

Online shopping: Conditions and limitations of Internet Purchases

Others: AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL will have the power to close the account of the Client or authorized user who has uttered offenses or insults against him, his representatives or his workers; both personally and as a company. In the same way, if the improper use of the account in illicit acts of fraud, identity theft, among others, is confirmed.

All our rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice and are calculated based on the physical weight or volume of the cargo, whichever is greater, according to the chosen plan.

The client can request the change at any branch and/or agency at any time and for as many times as required, as long as they have withdrawn and paid for the pending packages in their account. It should be noted that the change of branch or agency may entail a change in the rate for the location and cost of transporting the merchandise from the Central Warehouse to it. That said, the client must assume the new rate.

By means of this agreement, the client authorizes the staff of AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL to open a free account on the most recommended online sales pages by the company, in case of deciding to close the account with said companies, you can do so only by canceling subscription of this via email.

Personal information:  The Client expressly authorizes AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL to collect, store, record, organize, elaborate, select, extract, confront, interconnect, associate, dissociate, communicate, assign, exchange, transfer, transmit or cancel their personal data .

Likewise, the Client expressly authorizes AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL to process their personal data with their lawyers, auditors or accountants and to any supplier that requires detailed personal data from the Client to handle notifications and deliveries of these, and to the subsidiaries of AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL as well as its collaborators. All the aforementioned persons will handle the Client's personal data with due diligence and under strict confidentiality in compliance with applicable legislation, the regulations on Protection of Personal Data and according to our privacy policies.

The Client has the following rights regarding their personal data:

  1. Right of access: AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL will provide the Client with the personal data that is stored and processed, in case they are requested by him.
  2. Right of Rectification: AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL will provide the necessary rectification mechanisms to the Client in case he requests to correct errors, modify the data that turns out to be inaccurate, out of date, false, incorrect, incomplete and guarantee the certainty of the information subject to treatment.
  3. Right of Opposition: AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL will allow the Client, for well-founded and legitimate reasons related to a particular situation, to refuse to provide their personal data or to allow them to be processed, as well as revoke their consent.
  4. Right of Cancellation: AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL will allow the Client to request the elimination of their incorrect, irrelevant, incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, false or impertinent personal data.

Any change of information of your data and/or correction of these, the Client must notify them through the contact form on our website http://airbox.com.pa/contacto

The Client authorizes AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL to process their personal data in order to provide information about promotions, events, activities, surveys and services. AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL will use email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. as a source of communication. Social networks, among others. In the same way, the Client authorizes AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL to send promotions, discounts for its services, etc. by any digital medium.

AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Panama, APAC (Panamanian Agency of Cargo Agencies), and BASC (Alliance for Secure Commerce), whose objective is to promote Secure Commerce within the Chain Logistics, and we are an accredited company AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) before the Customs Authority of Panama

A signed copy of this Agreement will remain digitally in the files of AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL and the original signed copy will be delivered to the client when they register at our branches. The Client will be able to access to see the terms and Conditions outlined in this document, as well as the Use Policy or through the Welcome email received at the time of signing this agreement.

Apart from this agreement the Client must sign the Form 1583 of the US postal service.

If the affiliation is online through the airbox.com.pa site, by accepting the terms and conditions, the client is expressly accepting each of the terms, conditions, rights and obligations contained in this document.

The Client certifies that all the information provided to sign this Agreement is true.

AIRBOX EXPRESS S. de RL reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete this affiliation agreement. For the interpretation and fulfillment of this contract, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Panama, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them due to their present or future addresses, for the resolution of any doubt, difficulty or controversy related to part or all of this.

The Parties declare that this Contract will be governed in terms of its interpretation and execution in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Panama. This Agreement replaces and cancels in all its parts any document signed in advance.

In the event that part is considered invalid by a court, the validity of the rest will not be affected, which will maintain its mandatory nature.

The fact that one of the Parties allows, one or several times, that the other fails to fulfill its obligations or fulfills them imperfectly, or in a manner different from that agreed or does not insist on the fulfillment of such obligations or does not timely exercise the contractual rights or legal rights that correspond to it, will not be considered or equivalent to a modification of this Contract, nor will it prevent in any case that said party in the future insists on the faithful and specific fulfillment of the obligations that are in charge of the other, or exercises the conventional rights or legal of which he is the owner.

This Agreement may be modified at any time or for any reason, it is considered valid from the date of its publication on the website. https://airbox.com.pa/. We recommend that you check our website periodically to be informed of updates.